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Finding the JOY with Claire Humphries - Create a life of purpose and passion through your shadows to create JOY

Giving you the tools, guidance and support to create a joy-filled future, fully connected to your purpose by introducing you to your shadow gifts and learning simple practices to raise your motivation, vibration and passion.

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Finding the JOY with Claire

Claire works with women who are unsure how to gain the confidence to step into a more fulfilling life of joy, passion and purpose.

Claire left her soul-crushing but perfectly-good-on-paper job at one of the world’s most prestigious organisations in the world seven years ago to create a better life.

She realised how much women stop their success with sabotaging behaviours and limiting beliefs which affect their confidence and self-worth.

Claire now works with women one to one and in groups helping them find the confidence to live a joy-filled future connected to their passion and true purpose.

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Work with me

Finding the JOY with Claire Humphries - Visionboard Workshop

Create YOUR Vision

Take time out for YOU on an incredible journey to your soul; connecting you to your inner wisdom, aligning you with your desire and true purpose.

Using guided meditation, visualisation, conscious creation, advanced law of attraction techniques, embodied movement, creativity and working with those sabotaging shadows to step into your power and clarity for the future you want and deserve to live.

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The Hero’s Journey – Group

There are many parts of us, controlling our lives. We are unaware of this, at the mercy of the many capricious parts until we become aware of our inner dialogue.

Through our awareness we come to understand our limiting beliefs, our painful patterns and sabotaging behaviours that keep us small and trapped, in pain and anxiety or desparately trying to numb or suppress.

And then, in those murky shadows we find the greatest surprise of all… 

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1:1 Coaching

Being trapped in limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours can be depressingly stressful, going round and round in circles, feeling like we can’t change. Part of the problem is that we can’t see our own beliefs, lost in own pain and stories from the past that we desparately and unconciously try to avoid.

The good news is that the universe is always trying to bring us to wholeness and heal our wounds. When you understand how and the spell is broken forevermore and you can move forward. 

Psst. Like us all, this website is a work in progress so bear with me while I get it set up and get buttons connected as it’s new.

I believe in taking imperfect action for a more joyful and less stressful life…so thank you for your patience. 

If you get stuck email me at claire @ findingthejoy . co . uk


I really enjoyed the session with Claire even though in all honesty I approached it with a healthy does of scepticism. However I am glad I tried it as I have been won over, which my partner will testify to I’m sure! When we met the next morning after the first session I was bouncing off the walls I can’t ever remember feeling so good. I’d never had so much energy. Thank you so much for the chance to meet you and have a gentle and fun intro to your work

MH, hertford

Upcoming Events

31 JANUARY 2021

Create YOUR Vision Workshop Journey • Online

Give yourself the gift of some time out in a beautiful, relaxing, safe space, To stop and assess your priorities and connect with your true soul wisdom for the much bigger picture. Go on a journey with your inner senses, connect with your sabotaging shadows and finding the gold within to help you step forward into your magic. 

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The Hero's Journey - Online Program

Every story, myth and legend is based on the hero’s journey – an unlikely everyday man or woman who goes on a journey, and fights the dragon, coming home with the treasure. Every person too has the opportunity to become the hero in their own life, to go within, fight their own dragons and discover their inner gold, their truth, courage and receive the reward. 

Are you ready to go on the hero’s journey?