Finding the joy started with a question: Is it possible to live with joy as a default rather than something fleeting that occasionally passes by?

Can I create consistent motivation and creativity and give myself what I need? Can I create my dream life by doing so with less effort and more joy?

I wanted to know for myself.

I was fed up of highs and lows and not feeling like I could stay in balance or be consistent.

When I was happy and joyful it felt wonderful and I was creative and excited but when I was feeling flat and without joy I felt the lack of motivation and confidence. I couldn’t seem to get out of that place.

How could I start to create a more joyful life?

It was New Year 2020, it seemed the perfect time to find out.

Could I create joy? Could it be something that I could conjure up on demand? Would finding the joy be possible – and the answer? Would it help me to create consistency and feel intrinsically motivated?

So I started with an idea; what if I gave myself everything I needed on every level FIRST. Instead of doing what I often did which was bribe myself with a carrot and stick approach, what if I gave myself all the carrots at the start?

Could I feel so “full” that I could create joyfully?

Slowly the pieces started to come together for project: finding the joy. I devised a plan which was to give myself the things that gave me instant joy first thing in the morning, in my case this was dancing. I decided to set a clock each morning, tumble out of bed and into the living room and dance.

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After that I would tune in to my broader self, my soul, if you like and have time to relax and connect, I might imagine my day and the things I’d like to do or connect into joyful thoughts and memories. Next I would something inspiring to read, a book or article perhaps to enthuse me.

How do make it sustainable?

Lastly I’d create my list of priorities or goals for the day. Not too many and I would write them down. After that I would fill myself up physically with a juice maybe or something nourishing so I could function optimally (get all my cells dancing with joy too :)).

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Then I’d go for a walk and prepare something healthy for lunch – by which time most of the morning was gone (luckily I’m self-employed!) but I knew I was onto something when I started to feel great. I was energised and happy, not only that, opprtunities were coming to me magically.

I earnt more that January than I ever had and yet with no obvious reason for the increase . And then more again in February and more again in March. I was creative, connected, on form and felt amazing and so I knew finding the joy worked.

What about through a pandemic?

Then unexpectedly Covid-19 arrived and the world went into meltdown. Not being able to meet people in person meant the end of all of my work. I lost my income and had to rethink my future. Would I be able to maintain all that I had started and gained from finding the joy?

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But still I stayed relaxed. I enjoyed the time at home and continued my practices. Now as I write this over a year later we are still in pandemic and l too have had my ups and downs but I realise what an opportunity it has been for me to take time out and reflect, to consider my true purpose and what was holding me back.

Could there be other benefits to finding the joy?

Now I know that I can step into finding the joy, even in the most stressful of times through a global pandemic, not seeing my family for a year and losing my income and receiving no help. Not only that, I maintained my joy, wellbeing and creativity, built my confidence and connected to my true purpose as a result and funnily enough found that finding the joy for me was sharing how everyone else can create it too, even through a pandemic!

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